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Six Meters: I Repeat Six Meters

Now is the time to enjoy the six meter band. You do not have to wait for a meteor shower, or that special time when the “magic band” comes to life. Six meters is alive and well and waiting for you to crackle some RF energy into the air.

There is a new six meter repeater on Bear Mountain, which is about 20 miles east of Clovis. Allen Hancock (WA6IPZ) has deployed his six meter repeater around 3500 feet ASL. The coverage offered by this elevation allows for handheld 6m radios to get in on the fun, like the Wouxun KG-UV5D or an older Cherokee AH50 6m HT. A Yaesu 817ND can also get in on the 6m FM action. As always, an improved antenna connected to low power radios help.

Wouxun KG-UV5D
Wouxun KG-UV5D – 2m/6m HT w/Thales antenna.

Allen is no stranger to six meters. He previously deployed a six meter repeater at his home in Hanford and is the most active mobile 6m operator I have encountered. Now with the new elevation, many portable, mobile and home operators in the central valley area can use the band more often. Do not worry too much about a perfect 6m antenna setup. As I noted, a 6m handheld is able to get in. I also reach the repeater using 5W with an off-center fed antenna. A few more watts and your signal will of course improve. Experiment and have fun. Share with others on the repeater what you are using.

A PL tone of 82.5 Hz is required but the repeater does not send the tone out, so avoid tone squelch on the RX and adjust the squelch knob a bit. Six meter FM is not narrow DMR, it is nice and wide, perfect for extended conversations. Setup the split and join in.

WA6IPZ (-500 kHz offset)
RX: 52.840 MHz
TX: 52.340 MHz
PL: 82.5 Hz
50W Output

* An additional six meter repeater is located on Black Mountain approximately 20 miles NE of Clovis around 3500′ ASL.

WR6VHF (-500 kHz offset)
RX: 51.820 MHz
TX: 51.320 MHz
PL: 162.2 Hz
50W Output

Repeater System Update

Today a few changes were made to the C.A.R.P. repeaters at the Mile High location:
– The 2m repeater remains stand-alone and is now analog FM only
– The 70cm and 1.25m repeaters are back online and linked to each other

We have observed intermittent RFI on the 444.725 MHz repeater. We are working to fully identify and resolve the issue.

The current ETA to link the Mile High repeaters and bring the 70cm Bear Mountain stand-alone repeater back online is July 2017. The CARP repeater page will be updated as we continue with changes and upgrades to the system.

Pending Repeater on the air on 147.675 MHz

There is a new repeater on the air on the CARP 2-meter repeater pair of 147.675/147.075 Mhz. The repeater is out of Redwood City area and is currently in pending status with NARCC. We have been asked if we have had any problems/interference from the new repeater.

If you have noticed any new interference, please report it to immediately. Also if you have the opportunity to monitor the 147.675 Mhz repeater that would be greatly appreciated.

CARP 147.675 Repeater PL Temporarily Changed

As some of you may have noticed the CARP 2-Meter 147.675 MHz Mile High machine has been off the air for the last few days. The machine is experiencing some interference and we are working to resolve the issue.

In the mean time, the PL on the 147.675 machine has been changed to 123.0 hz. This is only a temporary change and will be switched back as soon as the issue is resolved. So if you can not get into the machine try switching to the new PL.