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New at DX Engineering: bhi Noise Cancellation Products

DX Engineering now carries bhi Noise Cancellation Products. bhi Noise Cancellation Products harness cutting-edge digital signal processing (DSP) technology to enhance the audio quality of incoming radio signals, making it much easier to discern distant and weak contacts. bhi makes three types of Noise Cancellation Products:

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New at DX Engineering: Low Band Systems Multiplexers and Band Pass Filters

New Antenna Tuner Kit for end-fed half-wave antennas

IMG_42021__22618.1450271848.1280.1280SOTABEAMS has introduced a new end-fed half-wave tuner kit to their product range.

The Pico Tuner is a miniature single-band 10 Watt tuner that can be built for any band from 40 through to 10 meters.  A unique tuning method makes it very easy to align and use.

The Pico Tuner incorporates strain relief for the antenna and feeder system giving a very practical unit for use in the field.

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