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Announcing: CARP Net Check-in Bonus Drawing

CARP Net Check-in Bonus Drawing for a Dual Band HT

For every validated check-in to the CARP Net between July 7 and November 24, 2011, CARP Members will earn a drawing ticket for the HT to be given away at the CARP Christmas Party.

You can not purchase tickets for this special drawing, they can only be earned by CARP Members for checking into the weekly CARP Net. The night of the CARP Christmas Party members will receive one ticket for each validated Net check-in made by that member during the specified period for the special drawing. The prize for this drawing will be a WOUXUN KG-UVD1P VHF / UHF Dual Band Hand Held radio!

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Ham Radio in Computer Game
by: Steve GW7AAV
November 25, 2010

Ham Radio in Computer Game

I have over the years taken pleasure in seeing ham radio in mainstream media. Spotting amateur radio equipment in movies and television has been a fun sideline from time to time. The introduction of the hard drive recorder (in my case a Sky plus box) has made it easier to freeze frame the scenes with the radio gear in to try and identify it. The last fun thing was when Stig on Top Gear was learning Morse code and we all found out that he liked cheese and Strictly Come Dancing was no quite his thing. What I have searched the net for is a definitive list of films and TV programs that feature such snippets. It is a bit of fun to see just how wrong they producers can get it.

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Iowa Balloon Launch Set for August 28, 2010

iHAB – Iowa High Altitude Balloon

iHAB Payload

The purpose of the iHAB (Iowa High Altitude Balloon) Project is to design & build a vehicle to fly into Near Space. Near space is the region of Earth’s atmosphere that lies between 65,000 and 325,000–350,000 feet (20 to 100 km) above sea level, encompassing the stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere. A more understandable definition would be above where a commercial airliner flies but below the realm of an orbiting satellite. The area is of interest for military surveillance purposes, as well as to commercial interests for communications. Currently, craft that fly in near space (nearcraft) are generally high altitude balloons, blimps (non-rigid airships) and sounding rockets.

Launch is scheduled for 1500z on August 28, 2010. Additional project details can along with photos of the payload can be viewed on the W0OTM website. APRS callsign used will be W0OTM-4.

Amateur Radio Assists During Disasters
August 24, 2010

SIDEWALK SERIES: Amateur radio offers technical assistance during disasters

Aug 24, 2010 (Moscow-Pullman Daily News – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — More than two feet of snow and ice has fallen in 24 hours. Roads are impassable. The power is out. Cell phone towers are frozen over and phone lines are down, knocking out all communications. The city of Moscow is being brought to its knees.

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New Portable Antenna Mount

Unique New Portable Amateur Radio Antenna Mount Now Available

Tilt-N-Raise Antenna mount

The Tilt-N-RaiseT portable antenna mount was specifically designed for EmComm and portable radio operators in the amateur radio bands.  Every time the people proclaim amateur radio as being dead there is the unfortunate occurrences of natural disasters that require the services of emergency communications. Before folks start extolling the value of the Internet and cell phones there is a very important part of their operationthat comes up on the short end of the stick during emergencies. Power,current, electricity. Without power the Internet and cell phones areworthless.  Amateur radio can operate efficiently from batteries, solar, andeven human power to provide critical communications services during thesenatural disasters.

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