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MDT DSB Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit
by James Hannibal

MDT Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit
MDT Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit – Copyright James Hannibal 2016 All Rights Reserved

If you enjoy ham radio kit building, then you are definitely going to want to hear about the MDT DSB QRP transceiver kit from ozQRP. This article will be more of a real-world, operational performance review of this radios’ capabilities, not a walkthrough on how to build it.

The 40 meter MDT kit(Minimalist Double Sideband Transceiver) is produced by ozQRP, a company based in Australia. This is an absolutely amazing QRP radio kit for the 40 meter band and is a great option for those ham radio operators who are new to HF and are looking for affordable means of getting on the air, for those looking for lightweight/compact rigs for camping/backpacking, or for those who just love kit building and are looking for their next project.

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New Antenna Tuner Kit for end-fed half-wave antennas

IMG_42021__22618.1450271848.1280.1280SOTABEAMS has introduced a new end-fed half-wave tuner kit to their product range.

The Pico Tuner is a miniature single-band 10 Watt tuner that can be built for any band from 40 through to 10 meters.  A unique tuning method makes it very easy to align and use.

The Pico Tuner incorporates strain relief for the antenna and feeder system giving a very practical unit for use in the field.

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