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Sample Letter and Information – HR 607

Sample Letter and Information – HR 607

The ARRL has prepared a sample letter for you to use when contacting your Representative in the US House asking them to oppose HR 607

Download the sample letter here

After downloading the letter, you should personalize it to include the name and address of your representative at the top and your personal contact information at the bottom.

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Ham radio operators concerned about losing band

by Didi Tang and Malia Rulon
March 29, 2011

Ham radio operators concerned about losing band

Ham radio enthusiasts nationwide are concerned about a bill in Congress that they say would limit their ability to help in disasters and emergencies.

Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, introduced legislation last month aimed at enhancing emergency communications for first responders by reallocating certain frequencies exclusively for public safety.

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FCC Proposes Additions, Changes to 60 Meters
May 8, 2010

FCC Proposes Additions, Changes to Amateur 5 MHz Allocation

Acting on a 2006 Petition for Rulemaking filed by the ARRL, the FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), ET Docket No 10-98 to modify the rules that govern amateurs’ secondary use of five channels in the 5 MHz frequency range known as 60 meters. The proposed changes would substitute a new channel for one that is seldom available because of occupancy by the fixed service, which is primary in this range. Also proposed is an increase in power from 50 to 100 W effective radiated power (ERP) and the addition of CW, PSK31 and PACTOR-III modes with provisions to ensure that such operations would be compatible with the primary service. The proposed changes can be found beginning on page 8 of the NPRM.

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Frequency Allocations iPhone App Available

March 21, 2010

Frequency Allocations App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Allocations, a new iPhone and iPod touch app for radio communication professionals and enthusiasts, is now available. Containing the entire U.S. Table of Frequency Allocations, Allocations is a convenient and portable electronic reference to allocated radio services and associated regulations across the entire radio spectrum from 9 kHz  to 275 GHz.

For example, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) depend on reliable access to the electromagnetic spectrum. Certain spectrum frequencies are sometimes referred to as bands and the amount of the spectrum needed to permit transmission of information is referred to as bandwidth.  Allocations for the federal government, non-federal-government, and all three ITU Regions are covered. For each allocated band, the full text of all relevant footnotes is included.

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FCC calls for more frequencies

The Register
by Bill Ray
September 3, 2009

Electromagnetic spectrum just not wide enough

The FCC has noticed there just aren’t enough radio frequencies, and if the USA wants national broadband it’s going to have to find more space in which to put it.

If the USA is going to have a National Broadband plan, then it’s going to have to speed up the audit of radio spectrum usage, in the hope of discovering large swathes of it aren’t being used, or are at least being used very inefficiently.

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Hurricane Net Frequency List

The following hurricane season intercepts have been gleaned from numerous sources.  Times and frequencies are subject to frequent change, and are listed for reference only.  This issue of the list contains numerous updates, especially re hurricane hunter aircraft frequencies.

  • 3357.0 FAX pictures from NAM Norfolk (0000-1200)
  • 3407.0 National Hurricane Center air-gnd “ALPHA”
  • 4271.0 FAX pictures from CFH Halifax (2200-1000)
  • 4426.0 USCG wx NMN Portsmouth (0400 0530 1000)
  • 4724.0 Hurricane hunter acft – GHFS
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