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Proposed Changes for Part 15 for BPL Measurment
August 24, 2009

Notice For Proposed Rule Making for changes to Part 15 regarding measurement for BPL

SUMMARY: This document addresses certain issues from the Commission’s Report and Order on rules for broadband over power line systems and devices (BPL Order) that was remanded by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. In the BPL Order, the Commission established technical standards, operating restrictions and measurement guidelines for Access Broadband over Power Line (Access BPL) systems to promote the development of such systems while ensuring that licensed radio services are protected from harmful interference. In ARRL v. FCC, the court remanded the BPL Order to the Commission for further consideration and explanation of certain aspects of its decision. Specifically, the court directed the Commission to provide a reasonable opportunity for public comment on unredacted staff technical studies on which it relied to promulgate the rules, to make the studies part of the rulemaking record, and to provide a reasoned explanation of the choice of an extrapolation factor for use in measurement of emissions from Access BPL systems.

DATES: Comments must be filed on or before September 23, 2009, and reply comments must be filed on or before October 8, 2009.

The complete fr24aug09-18 proposal can be viewed at the

ARRL Responds to Proposed Allocation for 70 cm Medical Devices
August 12, 2009

ARRL Responds to FCC’s Proposed Allocation for Medical Devices in 70 cm Band

ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, on behalf of the ARRL, filed comments on August 11 regarding a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), ET Docket 09-36, issued by the FCC in March 2009. In the NPRM, the FCC proposed to allocate spectrum and adopt service and technical rules for the utilization of new implanted medical devices that operate on 413-457 MHz (70 cm). Continue reading ARRL Responds to Proposed Allocation for 70 cm Medical Devices

FCC Clarifies Repeater Definition

March 23, 2009

FCC Clarifies What Constitutes an Amateur Radio Repeater

In December 2007, Gary Mitchell, WB6YRU, President of the Northern California Packet Association (NCPA), filed a Petition with the FCC, asking for the Commission to clarify the definition of a repeater. According to Part 97, Section 3(a)(39), A repeater in the amateur service is “[a]n amateur station that simultaneously retransmits the transmission of another amateur station on a different channel or channels.”

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Smith New Amateur Radio Enforcer

January 26, 2009

Laura L. Smith Named to Amateur Radio Enforcement Role

Laura L. Smith of Pennsylvania has been named by the FCC to fill the vacancy created when Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, retired in 2008 as Special Counsel for the Spectrum Enforcement Division of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau. Hollingsworth served in that position for more than 10 years as the FCC’s enforcement watchdog over the Amateur Radio Service.

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FCC to Lower Vanity Call Sign Fees September 17

The FCC will reduce the regulatory fee to obtain or renew an Amateur Radio vanity call sign by more than 40 percent starting September 17. In a Report & Order (R&O) released August 6, “Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2007,” in MD Docket 07-81, the Commission will cut the fee from its current $20.80 to $11.70. This marks the lowest fee in the history of the current vanity call sign program. The FCC is authorized by the Communications Act of 1934 (as amended) to collect vanity call sign fees to recover the costs associated with that program. The vanity call sign fee has fluctuated over the 11 years of the current program — from a low of $12 to a high of $50. The FCC says it anticipates some 14,700 Amateur Radio vanity call sign “payment units” or applications during the next fiscal year, collecting $171,990 in fees from the program.

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