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CARP Repeater Maintenance Report 6/23/2012

Rob Mavis AE6GE
June 23, 2012

On Saturday June 23 maintenance was performed at the CARP repeater site. The maintenance crew consisted of Rob AE6GE, Steve NA6G, Drew K6DTL and Mike KC0LBY. Today the crew performed the following activities:

  • The unused dual-band antenna was moved from the top of the tower and replaced the APRS Digipeater antenna at 40′.
  • Audio levels on all ports (repeaters) was balanced.

Photos of the event can be found at the photo gallery: 

After the site maintenance, the team headed down the ridge to the FARC field day where they checked out the happenings and had some great dinner! Photos of the FARC Field Day event can be found at the photo gallery: 


Operate the June VHF QSO Party for CARP from Home

This year CARP will try something a little different for the ARRL June VHF QSO Party. This year we will concentrate on the combined Club Competition Score. This is a combined score of all logs submitted for the contest with a club affiliation.

Each log submitted has a field to designate which club you are associated with. When you submit your log for the June VHF QSO Party, put down Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers as your club. Once published not only will your log be individually ranked, but all the logs submitted for the club will be combined for a total Club Score for the contest.

Whether you work from your home station, drive to a mountain top or drive around as a rover, you can submit your logs to help build the combined club score for the contest!Even if you only make a few contacts from home on FM, be sure to submit a log to help the club score.

Lets get some friendly competition going within the club and with the other clubs. If you have any questions or need any assistance with logging, rules or operation, let us know and we can help.

Contest rules can be found at

Meeting: CARP June 1, 2012

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers
May 4th, 2012
 Membership Meeting

In May the CARP meeting presentation will be:

AllStar Remote VHF Station/June VHF/Fireworks

The June CARP Meeting will be Friday June 1, 2012 and will cover several topics:

  • AllStar Remote HF Station Demo – We will have a demonstration of an AllStar remote HF station.
  • June VHF Contest Review – Discussion and prep for Club Competition
  • Fireworks Stand Prep – Training for Fireworks Stand

Come on out and enjoy an informative presentation as well as a chance to meet and chat with other local amateur radio enthusiasts.

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May 19, 2012 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap
By Rob Mavis AE6GE

May 19, 2012

March 12, 2012 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap

Saturday May 19, 2012, Mike KG6MSV and Marty K6KTP were the fox for the CARP Transmitter Hunt. The hunt began at Highway 41 & 145. Four teams participated in the Hunt that started shortly after 10am.

The primary transmitter was hidden near the south side of Hensly Lake.

While the hunt was measured by time, mileage was recorded at the start and end of the hunt for further scoring. Here are the results from the hunt:

Class B (point an shoot)First Place
Rob AE6GE with Jeff J.

Shortest Distance Driven
Rob AE6GE with Jeff J.

Overall Time

Place Team Members Class Time T1 Time T2 Mileage
1 Rob AE6GE
Jeff J
B  33 Minutes  17 Minutes 23 Miles
2 John WJ6Y B  53 Minutes  33 Minutes 25 Miles
3 John K6MI B  53 Minutes  33 Minutes 25 Miles
3 Duane KI6QEL B  66 Minutes  33 Minutes 31 Miles

CARP Fireworks Stand Fundraiser 2012

CARP Fireworks Stand Fundraiser

The CARP Fireworks Stand is coming soon. The stand will be open from June 28 through July 4, 2012.

This is CARPs major fundraiser which allows us to maintain and upgrade the repeater system, pay for meeting location rental, insurance and provide the summer and Christmas parties. The more volunteers we get to help with the stand helps make things run easier.

The tentative schedule is:

  • Thu June 28 – 1200-2000
  • Fri June 29 – 1200-2200
  • Sat June 30 – 0800-2200
  • Sun July 1 – 1000-2000
  • Mon July 2 – 1200-2000
  • Tue July 3 – 1200-2000
  • Wed July 4 – 0800-2400

Please let us know what days/hours you can work the fireworks stand! Email to:

Clovis Centennial Bike Ride Recap

Clovis Centennial Bike Ride Comms Provided by CARP and Valley Hams

The Fresno Cycling Club in cooperation with the City of Clovis sponsored the Clovis Centennial Century Bicycle ride on May 12, 2012. The event celebrated the 100th year anniversary of the City of Clovis.

Over 200 riders participated in the 100 mile bicycle ride that began at the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis and took a path through Auberry, Power House, around Bass Lake, down Walker Grade and back to Sierra Vista Mall.

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers, along with amateur radio operators from across the valley, organized and provided support communications for the rest stops and support vehicles in the event. There were a couple minor injuries and a few breakdowns, but no major incidents to report.

CARP Net Transmitter Hunts

CARP Net Transmitter Hunts Begin May 24

The CARP Net Transmitter Hunts will be held the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. These hunts will be short and quick. These hunts will be presented in addition to our Saturday hunts. The fox for the Net hunts will be the net control station for the CARP Net.

The hunt begins promptly at 7:00pm at the start of the CARP net. The hunt frequency is the CARP 2-meter repeater input (147.075Mhz). Hunters will have only the duration of the net to find the fox. These hunts will help hone your T-hunting skills.

Using the repeater input hunters will have to differentiate between the fox (CARP net control station) and other stations that may be checking into the net. Typically nets run 30 minutes and the net control operator will be within 1 mile of the start point, Letterman Park. Hunters may start from a location other than the start point, but will be placed in the unlimited category.

These should be quick and fun hunts. See you hunters out there!

2012 Schedule for the CARP Net Transmitter Hunts

  • May 24
  • June 28
  • July 26
  • August 23 Cancelled
  • September 27
  • October 25Cancelled
  • November 22Cancelled
  • December 27Cancelled

CARP Transmitter Hunt Categories

In order to help level the playing field, we have developed a classification system which places each hunter/team in a category based on the equipment they use. This allows for more even competition between the levels of hunt equipment.

  • Category A – Hunt on the move – This classification includes mobile antenna systems and dopplers.
  • Category B – Point and shoot – This classification requires the hunter to use hand held antennas that are not affixed to the vehicles. Requiring the hunter to stop, get out of the vehicle and take bearings on the signal.
  • Category C – Basic – This classification is for those hunters who do not have any directional antenna or attenuator. These stations will have a HT and an omni, using body fade and other direction finding techniques.
  • Category D – Unlimited – This classification is reserved for those hunters who do not start at the designated start point.

CARP March 2012 eNewsletter

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers

March 2012 eNewsletter

Greetings fellow Pioneers and readers,

Please enjoy this months edition of the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers (CARP) eNewsletter.
Inside you will find the some of the latest news and announcments from the club. For more amateur radio news from
CARP and from around the Central Valley please visit our website at

Please send any comments or questions to

Inside this issue:

  • CARP March Meeting – Our Sun
  • Blossom Run 10K Comms Volunteers – Saturday March 3
  • M2 Open Houses – Saturday March 17
  • March of Dimes Comms Volunteers Needed – Saturday April 14
  • Clovis Centennial Comms Volunteers Needed – Saturday May 12
  • Fresno/Clovis Area Mentors and Elmers offering License Training Classes
  • CARP April Meeting – Tour of Channel 21 Studios