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In commemoration of the 20th anniversary, the ARISS team is planning to transmit a set of 12 SSTV images that capture the accomplishments of ARISS over that time. While still to be scheduled, they anticipate the SSTV operation to occur around the weekend of July 15. This is now scheduled for Thursday, July 20.
(I record the received audio and then later decode it using a program like MMSSTV)

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FM SSTV downlink (Worldwide) 145.800 MHz
ISS Live Tracking

SSTV received image
SSTV received image

ARISS Announces Commemorative International Space Station SSTV Transmissions

To mark the 15th anniversary of continuous Amateur Radio operations on the International Space Station, the first session of Slow Scan TV (SSTV) transmissions from the ISS are tentatively set to take place on Saturday and Sunday, December 26 and 27. The downlink mode will be PD120, which should allow for the reception of more images in a single pass. The first ISS crew conducted its inaugural ham radio contact from NA1SS in November 2000. The first Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) school contact took place the following month. ARISS will post more information as it becomes available.