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Flowepot Antenna Build

by: Scott Roberts (N6SJR) & Craig Roberts (W6CMR)


Flowerpot Antenna
Flowerpot Antenna

The “Flower Pot” antenna is a clever twist on the half-wave, end-fed dipole antenna design that incorporates the coax feedline directly into the construction of the antenna. All credit for the design and instructions goes to John Bishop (VK2ZOI). Learn more about the history and development of the antenna, together with detailed plans and instructions by visiting John’s website:

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Easy-to-Build Tape Measure Yagi for Direction Finding
by Rob Mavis – AE6GE
May 6, 2011 

An Easy-to-Build Tape Measure Yagi for Direction Finding

At the May 6, 2011 Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers monthly membership meeting, Rob AE6GE demonstrated how easy it was to construct a 2-meter 3-element yagi antenna from a tape measure. Using the WB2HOL plans construction of the antenna is fairly simple and easy.

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Visualizing How a Yagi Works

Using a low power amateur radio transmitter and a simple light bulb receiver circuit, we see how radio waves and electromagnetic induction transmit energy and signals wirelessly through the air. We also see how dipole and Yagi antennas radiate their energy in different patterns.

by Diana Ing

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