CARP T-Hunt Results – September 19, 2009

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers
by: Rob Mavis – AE6GE
September 19, 2009

CARP T-Hunt Results – September 19, 2009

This Saturday morning was the latest  Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers (CARP) Transmitter hunt.ClovisFest was going on this day so the start point of the hunt was moved to Letterman Park in Clovis.

Patrick KI6QOH and Duane KI6QEL won the last transmitter hunt and the privilege of being the Fox for today’ hunt.  Today’s hunt was limited to a radius of 7.5 miles from the start point.

The hunt started promptly at 10:08 am with two teams hunting the fox. Here are the teams and there place and time for today’s hunt:

  1. Dave Dansby NI6M and Rob Mavis AE6GE – 18 minutes
  2. John Morrice K6MI and Dave Smith W6TE – 33 minutes

After finding the fox, all the teams headed over to a local Me-n-Ed’s for lunch and to swap stories of the day.

Congratulations to Dave and Rob, the foxes for the next hunt to be held at the Fresno Hamfest October 17, 2009.