CARP T-Hunt Results – October 17, 2009

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers
by: Rob Mavis – AE6GE
October 17, 2009

CARP T-Hunt Results – October 17, 2009

This month’s CARP Transmitter Hunt was held immediately following the Fresno Hamfest. The start point was the location of the Hamfest, the Salvation Army Citadel downtown. The radius was set at 5 miles due the the late start time. Dave Dansby NI6M and myself, Rob Mavis AE6GE won the September hunt, so we were the designated foxes for the day. Unfortunately Dave was ill and could not participate.

Immediately after the hamfest as the prize drawing was underway, I hurried to the predetermined hide location. When I arrived, I found the lot to be full of cars and an event taking place. So I had to a few minutes to choose one of the alternate  locations. I hurried to Radio Park and positioned my pickup truck in the small parking lot behind the Fresno Arts Center. There was an excellently placed 30 foot C-train located on the side of the lot that allow me to hide behind so that the truck was only visible from the entrance to the lot and from down the street.

After the prize drawing was completed the hunters met with Patrick May KI6QOH at the start point. Once everyone was ready the hunt was on.

The hunt started at 2:35 pm. John Morrice K6MI and Dave Smith W6TE team came in fourth from last. Here are the teams and there place and time for the hunt:

  1. 2:55 pm – John Morrice K6MI and Dave Smith W6TEDave – 20 minutes
  2. 3:08 pmTom Reinhart N6MQG – 33 minutes
  3. 3:39 pm – Ron Hunt N6MTS – 54 minutes
  4. Varouj Kalinian – dnf
  5. 3:41 pm – Dennis Thompson KB6GFD – 56 minutes (began hunt from home QTH)

After the hunt we hung out for a few minutes discussing the hunt and wrapped it up at 4:00 pm.

Congratulations to Dave and John, the foxes for the next hunt. Stay tuned to the CARP website and the CARP net for the details of the next exciting CARP T-Hunt!

John Morrice K6MI and Dave Smith W6TEDave – 2:55 pm (20 minutes)