CARP T-Hunt Recap
by: Rob Mavis – AE6GE
August 21, 2010

CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap – August 21, 2010

After some minor technical difficulty the fox went on the air shortly after 10:00 am local time. The foxes for this hunt were Dave NI6M and Rob AE6GE, who won the last hunt.

Tucked behind the san joaquin river bluffs down on old friant road with a beam pointed towards the Friant Dam, the foxes hid. 

Southern California Transmitter Hunters Logo

From the reports this location and setup created confusion amongst the hunters. The transmitted signal bounced off the Friant Dam to give a false reading at the start point that sent the hunters north rather than north-west. Once everyone realized they were following the bounce they were able to zero in on the fox’s den.

There were four teams hunting in the hunt:

  • Mike KG6MSV and Marty K6KTP @10:24am (~24minutes)
  • John K6MI @10:58am (~58minutes)
  • Patrick KI6QOH and Robert KG6QHL @11:20am (~1hour 20minutes)
  • Gabriel N6OSB and wife

After the hunt everyone converged on the local Me-n-Eds Pizza parlor for food and fun telling stories…Congratulations to Mike and Marty for winning the hunt!

The next transmitter hunt is planned for Saturday September 18th 2010 at 12 noon after the CARP Swap meet. Keep watching the CARP website for more details.