CARP T-Hunt Recap – 10/2/2010
by Marty Herlihy K6KTP
October 3, 2010

CARP October 2nd 2010 T-Hunt Results

Getting ready for the T-Hunt

On Sat night I put together a hunt for the local CARP group…lots of fun.

Hunt started a 6:43 from Letterman Park with 4 teams participating. There were 3 transmitters used at a location behind commercial businesses at Cedar and Bullard.

The main T was ¾ watt into a 4 element yagi that was rotating 360 degrees for most of the hunt sitting on a wall about 6’ off the deck.

Second transmitter was approx 50 milliwatts inside of an Altoid can with a 19” whip. Transmitter was stuck in the bushes at ground level at the far end of the parking lot. Very difficult to see.

Third transmitter a 50 milliwatt board with battery and a pair or 19” leaks making a dipole. This was stuck inside a military green fiberglass pole approx 4’ long and inserted into a well manicured hedge…also very hard to see.


  • Tom N6MQG/Tammie/Ashley
  • Rob AE6GE / Christopher
  • Matt KG6YLJ/ Gregg KG6YZN
  • KG6MSV Mike

Times in:

Main T

  1. Mike KG6MSV  7:00pm
  2. Rob AE6GE / Christopher   7:40pm
  3. Tom N6MQG/Tammie/Ashley  8:21pm
  4. Matt KG6YLJ/ Gregg KG6YZN 8:29pm

2nd T

  1. Mike KG6MSV 7:07pm
  2. Rob AE6GE / Christopher  8:00pm
  3. Tom N6MQG/Tammie/Ashley  8:57pm
  4. Matt KG6YLJ/ Gregg KG6YZN  8:59pm

3rd T

  1. Mike KG6MSV 7:12pm
  2. Rob AE6GE / Christopher  8:18pm
  3. Matt / Gregg KG6YLI / KG6YZN 8:45pm
  4. Tom N6MQG/Tammie/Ashley 8:48pm
Waiting for the hunt to start..

This hunt was fun and I was a bit afraid of pushing the envelope but alas these hunters hung in there and did a good job.
Certainly would like to see a few more participants.

Thanks for the opportunity of putting this on !!!

[Thanks Marty!!! Matt and Greg has volunteered to be the fox for the next hunt. Watch the CARP website for more details for the next hunt!]