CARP Summer Sizzler

CARP Summer Sizzler – Saturday August 6, 2011

The CARP BBQ and Swim party is back! In place of the August meeting CARP will have a BBQ/Swim party on Saturday August 6 starting at 1:00pm at Steve N6JXL’s Ranch at 10705 Butler in Sanger.

Activities for the day include:

  • BBQ
  • T-Hunt
  • Swim
  • Fireworks Show
  • Fun

BBQ – The Club will be providing Hamburgers and Hot dogs as well as Iced Tea and soda and lets not forget the cake. Please bring a salad or a side dish and if you have a favorite soft drink you might want to bring that too.

CARP T-hunt – The quarterly CARP T-Hunt falls on the date of the BBQ/Swim party so the hunt will start at 2:00pm at the Ranch. This will be a great opportunity for those who haven’t experienced T-hunting to ride with one of our teams! The Transmitter hunt is scheduled to be complete by 4:00pm, right when they fire up the BBQ! Mike KG6MSV will be the fox for this hunt.

Swim – Steve has a great pool! Bring your swimsuits and a towel and enjoy a cool dip. You might want to remember to bring some sun screen too, just in case.

Fireworks Show – Just when you think you have had enough fun, when it gets dark we will have a fireworks show. The club will furnish fireworks, but if you would like to bring some to donate or shoot off at the event, feel free!

Saturday, August 6 @ 1:00pm

N6JXL Ranch
10705 Butler
Sanger, CA

Please let us know you are coming