CARP “Pick Your Own Prize” Reverse Drawing

The CARP “Pick Your Own Prize” Reverse Drawing is back!

CARP will be selling only 100 tickets at $10.00 each for a Grand Prize of $500.00. Tickets will be available from now until the CARP Christmas Party or until they are sold out.

Click on image for the Flyer

Great odds of 1:100 to win the Grand Prize!

You do not need to be present to win.

The drawing will be held at the CARP Christmas Party on Friday December 3, 2010

The way the reverse drawing works:

  1. 100 Tickets will be sold at $10.00 each.
  2. The night of the drawing tickets will be drawn randomly, one at a time, eliminating them from the drawing.
  3. When five tickets remain, those five ticket owners may split the reverse drawing jackpot if the decision to do so is unanimous.  Otherwise, another ticket is drawn and the remaining ticket owners again decide on whether to split the jackpot or continue with the drawing.  This process continues until a unanimous decision to share the jackpot is reached or the last ticket is drawn determining the sole winner of the reverse drawing.

For Tickets or information, contact any CARP Board Member or email or call 559-492-7675