CARP 220 Moving on Up!
by Rob Mavis AE6GE
November 26, 2011

CARP 220 Repeater and Antenna Raised

Saturday November 26 a work crew went up to the CARP repeater site and performed some tower maintenance.

The 220 antenna was moved up to 130′ on the tower and now should play very well across the valley. If you have the capabilities, please perform some testing for us. While around town and the valley, please use the 224.380 – 141.3 repeater and report to us the location, received signal strength,  and what power level you used to access the repeater.

Thanks for all the hard work from the ground crew:

  • Rob AE6GE
  • Dave NI6M
  • Patrick K6BRW
  • Mike KD6LDA
  • Casey K6SSB
  • Darin K6OSX
  • Bill
  • Mark N6IB

And a very special thank you to the tower climbers:

  • Tom N6MQG
  • Mike KC0LBY
  • Mark K6ORJ