California Classic Communications

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers with the assistance of amateur radio operators from around the valley provided communications support for the California Classic Century bicycle ride on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

California Classic Century Route
California Classic Century Route

The California Classic Century ride had not only the century ride but also shorter metric and mini-metric rides. All rides started at Chukchansi Park and rode up the 10 miles of Freeway 168 from McKinley Avenue. The century ride continued on to Winton Park near Pine Flat, to Squaw Valley, Sanger and back to Chukchansi Park.

Communications volunteers provided communications from seven rest stops along the course routes. A couple of the SAG vehicles also had communications support as well.

Travis W6TRP tooks some video with his drone and created a video for the event from his location at Navelencia School.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped out with the event:

  • AE6GE Rob
  • AE6SX Dan
  • AF6CY Glen
  • K6VD James
  • KB6LQV Ray
  • KE6HNR Tim
  • KI6FHJ Cedric
  • KI6KRT Laura
  • KI6NHT Randy
  • KI6OYW Gary
  • KJ6OUI Greg
  • KK6CFJ Bill
  • KK6MPF Brendon
  • KO6Y Gwen
  • N6HEW Glen
  • N6MTS Ron
  • W6TRP Travis