BY70-1 FM Transponder Satellite


A CZ-2D rocket carrying the amateur radio FM transponder satellite BY70-1 was launched on Wednesday, December 28 at 03:23 UT.

BY70-1 CubeSat
BY70-1 CubeSat

Update: Paul Stoetzer N8HM reports working Wyatt Dirks AC0RA through the FM transponder during the 1709 UT pass on December 28. Paul says “Uplink requires precise frequency adjustment and there’s a delay on the downlink, but the signal is strong”. A recording of the transponder can be heard at

The launch from the Taiyuan Space Launch Center was planned for December 26 but postponed due to adverse weather. It had been planned it would go into a 530 km circular Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO) but instead the orbit appears to be 524 x 212 km which will give an orbital lifetime of just one or two months.

BY70-1 is a 2U CubeSat project for school education and amateur radio. It features 3-axis stabilization and deployable solar panels. In addition to the FM transponder BY70-1 has a camera and it is planned to download images and telemetry via a 9600 bps BPSK downlink.

The IARU amateur satellite frequency coordination pages list these frequencies:
• 145.920 MHz uplink
• 436.200 MHz downlink
A 67 Hz CTCSS (PL Tone) is required.

BY70-1 has been added to the satellite pass predictor at

GNU Radio decoder for camera images from BY70-1 satellite

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Keplerian Two Line Elements (TLEs) ‘Keps’ for new satellites launched in past 30 days. BY70-1 is believed to be object 41909, 2016-083C

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