Benny Williams KW6N – SK

The amateur radio community in the Central Valley lost a long time operator and friend.  Benny Williams, KW6N passed away on August 5th, 2012.

An ex-Marine, Benny,  grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and worked as a mechanic for the City of Fresno as a mechanic. He was very active as and amateur on the air, building antennas, repairing anything that needed fixing, and traveling.

He was interested in operating nearly any event, rag chewing, chasing awards, WAS, DXCC, VHF and UHF contesting.  Introduced to 6M a decade ago, he was quick to work all states, catching almost every opening that came along.  His six element quad heard signals others could barely hear, and his unique voice seemed to have six db. of gain.

In his travels he would take a radio or two and some antennas, and have a signal up and on the air making all sorts of q’s.  He was active in mountain topping during the vhf contests where he contacted many grids and made many q’s.

At one time he held the Cal. QSO Party Fresno County record.

Over the years, many wire antennas were put up, tested, and taken down to make room for another.  But even more important was the help he gave to so many others with their antennas.  He was always ready to go to help.

He is survived by his son Michael and daughter Michelle, and two grandsons.

Benny Andrew Williams, 68, of Fresno died Aug. 5. He was a mechanic. No services will be held. Remembrance: Hinds Hospice, 1616 W. Shaw Ave., Suite A-5, Fresno, CA 93711. Arrangements: Neptune Society of Central California.