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In commemoration of the 20th anniversary, the ARISS team is planning to transmit a set of 12 SSTV images that capture the accomplishments of ARISS over that time. While still to be scheduled, they anticipate the SSTV operation to occur around the weekend of July 15. This is now scheduled for Thursday, July 20 until Monday July 24 1800 UTC.
(I record the received audio and then later decode it using a program like MMSSTV)

ARISS Article
FM SSTV downlink (Worldwide) 145.800 MHz
ISS Live Tracking

SSTV received image
Previously received SSTV image

An SSTV image sent from the ISS on Sunday 7/23/2017 around 10:00 PM Pacific. This was a visible pass of the ISS so it was easily tracked with the naked eye, making it easy to aim the antenna.

SSTV capture on 7/23/2017

T-hunt Saturday July 15

Next Fox Hunt: July 15, 2017
Start time: 10:00 AM
Fox: Erik (NI6G) & John (K6MI)
Start location: Letterman Park in Clovis (Map)
– Arrive early as the hunt starts at 10:00 AM.
– Please use and monitor the K6ARP repeater during the hunt for voice communication as hints may be given.
– CARP membership is not a requirement to join in on the fun, but a radio tuned to the hunt frequency of 146.565 MHz will be helpful.
CARP T-Hunt Page
General T-Hunt Information 50kB PDF

Repeater System Update

Today a few changes were made to the C.A.R.P. repeaters at the Mile High location:
– The 2m repeater remains stand-alone and is now analog FM only
– The 70cm and 1.25m repeaters are back online and linked to each other

We have observed intermittent RFI on the 444.725 MHz repeater. We are working to fully identify and resolve the issue.

The current ETA to link the Mile High repeaters and bring the 70cm Bear Mountain stand-alone repeater back online is July 2017. The CARP repeater page will be updated as we continue with changes and upgrades to the system.

T-Hunt Recap March 2017

Start Point: Letterman Park (Clovis, CA)
End Point: Pump House Park (Leonard & Ashlan – Clovis, CA)
Shortest Route: 6.1 miles / 16 minutes (approx.)
Number of Teams: 2
Fox: Rick (W6KKO)
Number of TX: 4

The central valley enjoyed another T-Hunt event on Saturday March 11. There were two teams this time consisting of John (K6MI) and Eric (N6IG) on one team, Marty (K6KTP), his grandson, and Dennis (KI6NVG) created the competition. The teams met at Letterman Park and  the water tank overhead created some directional ambiguity with the incoming signal from the fox.

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Calling All Amateur Radio Operators

Your fellow amateur radio operators need your help. Three times a year the ARRL sponsors a VHF/UHF contest. These contest events are held in January, June, and September. All licensed operators may participate and they are not required to submit a log of their contacts, nor are they required to be a member of the ARRL. While some enjoy the competition and submit a log of their confirmed QSO’s, others enjoy making contacts to see how well their station setup is working. In order to participate, each operator must provide their callsign and grid square. A typical calling station may say, “CQ Contest W6KKO DM07” on standard FM simplex frequencies, and their call sign and grid square phonetically when calling on standard SSB frequencies.

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T-Hunt Re-cap November 2016

Start Point: Hwy 180 & McCall
End Point: Tollhouse Rd. south of Hwy 168  (Under the power lines)
Shortest Route: 34 miles / 54 minutes (approx.)
Number of Teams: 5
Fox: Mike (KG6MSV)
Number of TX: 1

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was a tough T-hunt. Five teams competed this hunt and only one found it after several hours of searching. Hints were provided as time passed yet the majority of the hunters did not finish the hunt. Marty (K6KTP) and his grandson were the only team to locate the fox, who was located under the high power line towers south of highway 168 and east of Tollhouse road.

This particular hunt found some of the hunters working together in order to locate the fox, yet the win and finish eluded their efforts. The teams consisted of Ron (N6MTS) and a friend; John (WJ6Y) along with his son and grandson; Conrad (WA6KUE) and his wife; and rounding up the teams were Dennis (KI6NVG), Gary (KM6CVB), and Rick (W6KKO).

By 1 PM the sky was darkening with rain clouds and the hunters were in need of food and refreshment. The teams and fox met at Tollhouse Market to enjoy some food and drinks. Commiseration was mutual amongst the hunters as the fox relayed the hiding location.  Fortunately, the food was good and we beat the rain home.

img_0526 img_0523 img_0517 img_0516

T-Hunt Re-cap July 16

Start Point: Hwy 180 & McCall
End Point: Tollhouse & Lodge Road (Sierra Elementary School Lot)
Shortest Route: 27 miles (approx.)
Number of Teams: 4
Fox: Marty (K6KTP) & Dave (NQ6S)
Number of TX: 1

The central valley hunters were back at it again on July 16. An early start at 10:00 AM kept the heat at bay for a while. Four teams made the effort this round, and around and around they went at the start point. Mike (KG6MSV) was able to break away at the starting location and kept the lead. He was the first to arrive with a 45 minute travel time. Next to find the fox was Rick (W6KKO) after a 95 minute duration. The next to arrive was John (K6MI) at three hours and 25 minutes, with Ron (N6MTS) just five minutes behind John.

A short discussion of “what if” and “almost” was followed up with some well needed food and beverages. Norm (WB6LLW) met with the group as we were in his neck of the woods. Of course the ever present voice of direction (YEP) called out bearings to provide a hint to the teams.

The fox for the next hunt, Mike (KG6MSV), has asked that the hunters advise on the difficulty level for the upcoming hunt on Saturday, September 17. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being very difficult, send an email to with your level number. The results will be passed along to the fox.


CARP Field Day 2016

CARP Field Day 2016 Site
CARP Field Day 2016 Site

Field Day 2016 was a fun one for the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers. Pine Ridge school was the location and the 4000’ elevation provided for cool weather. K6ARP operated as 2A using several dipoles to choose from, as well as a K636XA paired with a AB-577 mast system to launch the 160 pound antenna into the air. Jason Boyer (N6EY) provided the gear and effort to establish a VHF/UHF station for terrestrial and satellite contacts. A GOTA station was also setup allowing those unfamiliar with contesting a chance to enjoy the bands at a friendly pace.

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Transmitter Hunt – Saturday July 16

Dust off your radios and scrub your antennas! The next transmitter hunt is Saturday July 16 at 10:00 AM. The start location is at the intersection of highway 180 & McCall at the Park & Ride on the north east corner. Marty K6KTP is the fox for this hunt and it is a timed hunt, so the first to find the transmitter wins. Marty also advised that there will probably be a secondary transmitter near the main one, so wear some comfortable shoes.

Please arrive early to ensure your gear is in order as we want to start at 10:00 AM. Please use the K6ARP two meter repeater for voice communications. Transmitting on the hunt frequency is a faux pas, unless you are the fox.
The weather outlook is clear and sunny on Saturday with a high around 38C. Doesn’t the temperature look cooler when using celsius? After the hunt is over we typically regroup for food and beverages at a nearby  restaurant.