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FCC Levies $25K Fines Against California Pirates

by Emily Reigart

FCC Enforcement Bureau staff can sometimes engage in games of cat and mouse that last for years. And even though the Enforcement Bureau’s staff has slimmed down, the agents still must pursue and warn repeat offenders. Such was the case in two separate California piracy cases that were concluded recently.

Even churches and pastors are not exempt from the law, as Iglesia el Remanente Fraternidad Elim Inc. and Belarmino Lara of Arleta, Calif., learned recently.

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Alleged Long-Time Pirate Liable for $23,000 Fine

by Susan Ashworth

A long-standing investigation into the goings-on of an alleged pirate radio officer has come to an expensive conclusion.

On Dec. 5, the Federal Communications Commission imposed a $23,000 fine on Daniel Delise from Astoria, N.Y. for allegedly operating an unlicensed amateur radio station at unauthorized power levels as well as for falsely transmitting an officer-in-distress call.

Regional groups like the Broadcast Employees Amateur Radio Society (BEARS) in New York City have closely watched the case. When the first Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) was first issued against Delise by the FCC in September of this year, BEARS President Howard Price said in an article on the group’s website that “our long regional nightmare is over.”

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NFL Frequency Coordination Is All Grown Up

by Judith Zissman

As the new NFL season opens, Radio World takes a special in-depth look at the program where football and RF engineering meet.

It was Jan. 29, 1995 at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Fla., the site of Super Bowl XXIX. The game was a triumph for the San Francisco 49ers but a confusing mess behind the scenes as the teams, support services and worldwide media attempted to use their wireless communications devices.

The elaborate halftime show, an ambitious “Indiana Jones”-themed extravaganza featuring Patti LaBelle and Tony Bennett, required precise communication as well. Radio frequencies designed to support a few hundred devices at any given moment were crowded with thousands of official and unofficial devices, each vying for a tiny slice of the spectrum.

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FCC Ham Expert to Retire

Bill CrossBy Leslie Stimson

Bill Cross, W3TN, plans to retire from the FCC this week after over 38 years of service.

Officially, Cross is an analyst in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, however his colleagues send him anything amateur radio-related to solve.

He’s looking forward to having a less structured schedule and more time to devote to amateur radio, he tells me. “I hope to get to build new antennas” and get to some equipment that’s been waiting many years for repairs.

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