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Emergency Preparedness

CARP Emergency Coordinator
Matt Goodwin KG6YLJ

Are you prepared for an emergency at your home? Do you have at least three to five days worth of food and clothing? Do you have camp equipment such as propane stove, heater, etc. Do you have flash lights with fresh batteries, or do you have one of the new types that you just turn a crank on the side to generate electricity? Do you have emergency power for your radio’s, or better yet do you have a generator that is capable of providing enough power for your refrigerator and heating a/c system. Do you have any medications that you must take, if so do you have a supply of these put away. Where you store these supplies depends on you. I suggest you find 55 gallon drums with removable lids so you can store these items in a water tight environment. If you want to look for the long term you might consider enough food, water and clothing to last six months to one year. If you decide this is the way you want to go, I would suggest getting powdered food mixes, bottle water in those big five gallon bottles, Meals Ready to Eat are inexpensive and will keep you alive, although they may not taste very good. Will your pets be properly cared for, i.e. food, medication, etc. You should also keep hand tools in your emergency kit as there may not be any electricity to operate electric tools.
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