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November 21, 2015 Transmitter Hunt Recap

by: Marty K6KTP

First order of business I want to thank all who participated…we had fun and I hope you all did to. My cohort on the hunt was Dave NQ6S. Lots of help there.

Hunt Info

We located the transmitters (4) on the mountain area around the CARP repeater site:

  • 1st location was approx 1/8 mile away using 7 watts into a pair of horizontal loops.  That was the main T heard at start point.
  • 2nd location was actually on the property owned by the repeater site owner put in with his permission. My bad because it was really private property and the hunters had no way of knowing that. That unit was approx 3 watts into a rotating 3 element quad
    that quit rotating after a few hours. Further work required here on that.
  • 3rd location was the school up near the top of 4 lanes running a 50mw talking transmitter held to the backside of a fence support at the left end of sports area in back of school.
  • 4th location was a 15mw transmitter on a sign post up high at a pullout on Auberry Road.  That quit after a few hours. After coming home I did some testing and found it would run in excess of 8 hours on a new battery. Another error on my part. Got my wires crossed not having a new battery for the hunt.

I actually had 6 transmitters with me so I could have solved that if I was aware.

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