Jammer has Equipment Seized

Hull & East Riding
November 24, 2010

Amateur radio enthusiast sabotaged other people’s transmissions

JAMMED SIGNAL: Clive McMurray was caught by the police and Ofcom between Kirkham Drive and Goddard Avenue, above.

An amateur radio enthusiast who tried to illegally rule the airwaves has had his equipment seized.

Clive McMurray, 63, was also given a suspended prison sentence after sabotaging other people’s transmissions.

He rigged his van with radio equipment and parked outside the homes of other amateur broadcasters, hijacking their programmes.

McMurray, who did not have a licence, would either jam their signal or broadcast his own material.

A spokesman for OfCom, which monitors the illegal use of the airwaves, said: “He was driving around Hull and the East Riding in a silver Toyota van rigged with radio transmitting equipment.

“He did not have a licence and was deliberately interfering with other amateur enthusiasts. He was parking up outside their homes and jamming the signals.”

He pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court to unlawfully using wireless telegraphy apparatus between June and November last year without a licence.

McMurray, of Lambert Street, Beverley Road, city centre, also pleaded guilty to using a transmitter to deliberately interfere with wireless telegraphy.

He was caught by the police and OfCom between Kirkham Drive and Goddard Avenue, west Hull, on October 15 last year.

Recorder Richard Sheldon gave him a four month prison sentence suspended for 18 months, an electronic curfew from 7pm to 7am for three months, and allowed OfCom to confiscate his van and radio equipment.