Amateur Radio Operator Makes Public Appeal

by Corliss Smithen
Sun – St. Kitts/Nevis

An amateur radio operator, Terry Adams, is appealing to officials at the Electricity Department to rectify a power line noise that is interfering with his signal.

“I want to make it publicly known that, for the last four years, I’ve been having a problem with power line noise. When there are high winds, because of slack and loose connections on the overhead lines, it causes my radio to totally shut down, to where there is no audio. Within the last year, I have made complaints to the Electricity Department, the permanent secretary in that ministry, my parliamentary representative and even the prime minister…I was promised that the matter would be addressed and, to date, I’m still having the problem…,” Adams told the SUN.

He provided suggestions on how the Electricity Department could correct the ongoing problem.

“To alleviate that problem, the Electricity Department would have to come and get those lines fixed … When rain falls, the problem disappears and that is because there is conductivity between the slack connections.

“When the sun comes out and the moisture has dried up, then the noise presents itself because there is no connectivity…,” Adams said.

Adams explained that as the hurricane season was approaching, it has become more crucial for his radio to be operating without hindrance.

“Amateur radio operation is more than just a hobby. When there is a hurricane and there is no outside communication, amateur radio and amateur radio operators connect the country with the rest of the world. We play a vital role when it comes to hurricanes and I need the matter to be addressed,” he said.

The SUN contacted engineer, Bertill Browne, at the Electricity Department on the matter.

“We have already made some efforts to rectify the problem and we are still working on it,” he said.