Alinco announces new 220/902 MHz HT at Dayton Hamvention
May 24, 2011

Alinco announces new 220/902 MHz HT at Dayton Hamvention

Here’s an announcement that didn’t get a whole lot of attention at this year’s Dayton Hamvention: Alinco was soliciting opinions and suggestions for their new DJ-G29T handheld which covers two of the most rarely-used amateur bands: 220 MHz and 902 MHz.

Limited equipment offerings on both 220 and 902 MHz have generally stifled growth on the bands. Surplus Motorola equipment modified for 902 MHz are the most common on that band; Alinco is the leading manufacturer of 220 MHz mobile equipment, but Yaesu and Wouxon also include 220 MHz on some of their HT models.

While few details have been released, Alinco did have a live model on display at the Hamvention, and pictures of the display can be found at the Kings County Repeater Association website.

There is some slight confusion whether the output on the radio will be 5 watts on 220 and 2watts on 902, or 1watts on both bands — but more sources are announcing that it will be 5w on 220 and 2w and 902, which makes the most sense to me. There’s also some question on what the emission types will be as there is some indication it may have narrowband/wideband and digital/analog capabilities, but the only solid information regarding emission types will come with FCC certification.

Alinco representatives at Dayton expected to have the radio ready to ship by Christmas, so FCC certification may not be too far away and we’ll be able to find out more by then.

[View images of the brochure for the DJ-G29T by clicking on the images below]