T-Hunt History

T-Hunt Re-cap November 2017

Start Point: Lion Automotive (Clovis, CA)
End Point: Lion Automotive
Shortest Route: On foot hunt
Fox: Rick (W6KKO)
Number of TX: 3

Another fine Saturday brought together operators from around the valley to the F.A.R.C. swap meet in Clovis. During this event the Central Valley T-Hunt Group took advantage of the get together and provided an on foot T-hunt. Three 15 mw transmitters were deployed around the area. One on the vehicle hood of the fox (W6KKO). The second was hung in a tree with the third deployed across the street. This third transmitter offered a challenge to several of the hunters as it was horizontally polarized and behind a metal cage. At one point a hunter suggested that the transmitter had stopped working, but W6KKO had charged the batteries full and advised the hunter to keep trying, which he did and found it.

W6KKO used an alternate frequency (144.565) for the low power transmitters and alerted the hunters in advance via the K6ARP T-Hunt page. The new frequency was also posted at the event. This change in frequency for the lower power transmitters is an effort to make them easier to find, once locating the main transmitter on the typical hunt frequency of 146.565. A rule for this hunt required participants to provide their callsign and the particular color and number identifying each transmitter on a slip of paper. Those that did participate eventually found all three transmitters. Others joined in as well as observers following along with the hunters.
Near the end of the swap meet a slip of paper was chosen from the participating entries. Tom (N6MQG) was the winner. The prize was an Ultrahigh intensity tactical LED compact-flashlight, with 2 rechargeable LiPo batteries and charger which was donated by F.A.R.C.
The next scheduled hunt is Saturday, April 5, 2018.

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