Turlock Amateur Radio Equipment Auction – April 23, 2016

The Spring 2016 auction will be held April 23th at Crossroads Church, 1360 N Johnson, Corner of Johnson & Arbor, Turlock CA. Doors open at 8:00 AM, Auction begins at 9:00 AM.  There will be a $5 charge to obtain a bidder’s paddle.

Talk In:  147.030+ (100 Hz)

If you are bringing equipment please send to pictures to gradyw@elite.net…

de Grady, K6IXA Auctioneer

For more info: http://w6bxn.org/auction/


CARP Meeting – May 6, 2016

At the monthly CARP Membership meeting we will have a project/build night. We will be building Roll-up J-Poles and Tiger-Tails. 

CARP will provide all the parts necessary for the projects for a small fee (est. $10) to cover the cost of the parts.

Friday, April 1, 2016 at 7:00pm

Clovis Senior Center – Classroom
850 Fourth Street
Clovis, CA


March 12, 2016 T-Hunt Recap

Start Point: Letterman Park, Clovis
End Point: NE area of Herndon & Academy
Shortest Route: 12 miles (approx.)
Number of Teams: 4
Fox: Mike – KD6LDA
Number of TX: 2 (1 high, 1 low power)

Another fine Saturday morning brought together the greatest T-Hunters in the central California area. With their batteries charged, the four teams beat the bushes and enjoyed another fine T-Hunt. The fox for this hunt was Mike (KD6LDA) who used a yagi antenna on a 10’ pole secured with a tripod. The main T-Hunt radio transmitted about five watts. The smaller low power transmitter used only 15mW and was hidden in some tall grass nearby.

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MDT DSB Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit

by James Hannibal

MDT Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit
MDT Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit – Copyright James Hannibal 2016 All Rights Reserved ShootAnyAngle.com

If you enjoy ham radio kit building, then you are definitely going to want to hear about the MDT DSB QRP transceiver kit from ozQRP. This article will be more of a real-world, operational performance review of this radios’ capabilities, not a walkthrough on how to build it.

The 40 meter MDT kit(Minimalist Double Sideband Transceiver) is produced by ozQRP, a company based in Australia. This is an absolutely amazing QRP radio kit for the 40 meter band and is a great option for those ham radio operators who are new to HF and are looking for affordable means of getting on the air, for those looking for lightweight/compact rigs for camping/backpacking, or for those who just love kit building and are looking for their next project.

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August UHF Contest is Back On!

Please save August 6-7 for the 2016 August UHF Contest. It will be held as scheduled this year, but under new sponsorship.

After ARRL announced that it would not sponsor the UHF Contest in 2016, a group of radio amateurs from coast to coast came together to make sure that the contest does occur in 2016.

The sponsoring group includes the leaders of several large VHF-oriented clubs, two volunteers who write contest results articles for QST, the editor of the “World Above 50 MHz” column in QST, two people with extensive computer log-checking expertise, and others who are concerned about the future of contesting on the amateur bands above 222 MHz.

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Save Mart SHARES now Powered by eScrip

Thank you to all the members who have been supporting CARP by using their Save Mart SHARES cards when they shop at Save Mart and Food Maxx. Beginning April 1, the SHARES card will no longer be active and the new SHARES eScrip program will begin.

The new eScrip program will make it easier for you to support CARP. No more cards to have to swipe. Simply register your phone number, rewards cards, debit card, creditcards and select CARP as the benefit and anytime you use them at a participating eScrip merchant a portion of your purchase goes to CARP.

To enroll in the Save Mart SHARES eScrip program simply go to https://www.savemart.com/shares/ and register your phone number and Save Mart Rewards Card number (if you have one). Once registered simply enter your phone number in the keypad at checkout and a percentage of your purchase will go to CARP.

Donate to CARP via AmazonSmile

Amazonsmile-logoAmazon’s program called AmazonSmile, will automatically donate 0.5% of your purchases to CARP. It costs you nothing, and it’s just like shopping on Amazon normally, but you get to support the club while doing it.

The only real catch is you have to start your shopping at smile.amazon.com (which means you have to update your bookmark if you want to do this), and shopping from the Amazon apps, Kindle, or through affiliate links won’t count.

Otherwise, it’s just like shopping on Amazon—only you get to support CARP without doing anything extra (not even donating time or effort).

Go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/77-0382450 next time you shop at Amazon and help support CARP!

Supporting Disaster Communications from Space

by Rafael Lemaitre

Hume Center Director of Research Robert McGwier (right) and research associate Zachary Lefke are building radio antennas that will be used in the Virginia Tech Ground Station. Photo Credit: Virginia Tech
Hume Center Director of Research Robert McGwier (right) and research associate Zachary Lefke are building radio antennas that will be used in the Virginia Tech Ground Station. Photo Credit: Virginia Tech

Conventional lines of communication can be impacted after a disaster. This we know. Phone lines can go down, cell service can be overrun with calls, texts, and emails and it can be difficult for survivors as well as first responders to get in touch. This isn’t a far-fetched scenario or intellectual exercise. It’s a reality we’ve seen happen over and over during disasters small and large.

Enter Amateur Radio—or what those involved in the hobby refer to as “ham radio.”

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Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers – Fresno County California