CARP T-Hunt Results

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers
Rob Mavis – AE6GE
April 5, 2009

CARP T-Hunt Results – 4/4/2009

The morning of Saturday April 4, 2009 the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers sponsored a Transmitter Hunt. The start point of the hunt was the Clovis Senior Center. Being it was a beginner hunt the hunt area was limited to a radius of five miles from the start point. Rob Mavis AE6GE was the fox for the day’s hunt.

First to find was Bill O’Brien KI6TGJ using an HT and body-fade method.  Bill started from his home and later admitted that with his knowledge of the area one of my hints gave away the exact location.

For those who began at the start location of the Clovis Senior Center,  the team of Dave Dansby NI6M and Robert Mavis KG6QHL were the first to find the fox. Using beams and attenuators they were able to find the fox in around 30 minutes.

Here is a list of the participants and thier order of finding the fox:

  1. Bill O’Brien KI6TJG (startpoint was home QTH)
  2. Dave Dansby NI6M/Robert Mavis KG6QHL
  3. Tom Reinhart N6MQG
  4. Robert Beck N6RBO/Robert Beck N6RBT
  5. Matt Goodwin KG6YLJ
  6. John Morrice K6MI
  7. Duane Lutz KI6QEL
  8. Patrick May KI1QOH/Tony Munoz KI6KRU

At the conclusion of the hunt everyone headed over to Me-n-Eds and had some pizza and exchanged adventures of the day.