2015 Element 3 General Class Question Pool

December 15, 2015

2015 Element 3 General Class Question Pool


The Question Pool Committee of the NCVEC hereby releases into public domain the 2015-2019 General Class, Element 3, Question pool from the Question Pool.

This pool becomes effective for all Element 3 examinations to be  administered on July 1, 2015 and remains valid until June 30,  2019.

The question pool files are available in PDF , Microsoft Word .DOC format, and .TXT format.

Section G7A requires the use of one illustration, a schematic drawing identified as G7-1. This drawing file is published separately and is available in raw JPEG

  • 2015 General Question Pool.doc
  • 2015 General Question Pool.pdf
  • 2015 General Pool.txt
  • 2015 G7-1 Diagram