Barcelona Cathedral greets Amateur Radio

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August 19, 2010

Barcelona Cathedral greets Amateur Radio

The ARMIC ONCE EA3RKR Team has been authorized to transmit from inside the Cathedral of Barcelona, something unheard of since its construction.

A few months ago it was the Cathedral of Sant Llorenç in the town of Sant Feliu de Llobregat. Now the Cathedral of Barcelona receives Amateur Radio, in a series of activities that have already been approved and will be made from different Basilicas, Temples and chapels.

A.R.M.I.C. EA3RKR, working continuously with the various government departments, major companies in the sector of telecommunications, and various institutions and associations of amateur radio both nationally and internationally, and one of its main objectives is the dissemination and promotion of amateur radio.

It is therefore not strange that this activity has been designed with that objective, to make known to society and the general public, “What amateurs are and what they do.”

Next September 18th, the Cathedral of Barcelona will host the Amateur Radio.

The activity will be valid for different diplomas, such as EANET. (See information on: promoted by the Federación Digital EA FEDIEA (

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