CARP April 2010 eNewsletter

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneer’s
April 2010 e-Newsletter

Hello fellow Pioneers,

Enjoy this month’s edition of the CARP e-Newsletter.  Please send any comments or questions to

In this edition:

  • April CARP Meeting – Transmitter Hunting
  • CARP T-Hunt April 10th
  • March of Dimes April 17th
  • CARP 444.725 Repeater Down

April Membership Meeting

The April CARP meeting will be Friday April 2nd at 7:00pm. Have you ever participated in a foxhunt? Would you like to see how others around the country are doing it?  Please come join us at the Clovis Senior Center for a video presentation on fox-hunting!

CARP Transmitter Hunt

The next CARP T-Hunt will be Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at 10am. The start point will be the Clovis Senior Center parking lot. For more details, see the website.

March of Dimes Fresno March for Babies 2010

Mark your calendars for Saturday April 17, 2010 – CARP will be providing radio communications for the March of Dimes March for Babies Fresno 2010 event at Woodward Park. We have also enlisted the help of Fresno ARES/RACES and other local amateur radio clubs.

If you are interested in participating in the event, please fill out the sign-up form on the website or contact Rob Mavis AE6GE or 559-492-7675.

CARP 444.725 Repeater Down

Last weekend the CARP 440 repeater went down. The Technical Committee went to the hill to survey the situation and found that the PA had gone south. We will be working to restore the repeater as soon as possible.
In the meantime, the 147.675 MHz high-level and 440.350 MHz low-level repeaters are still operational and linked. In addition the IRLP, Echolink and phonepatch are available from those repeaters as well.

CARP Website

The CARP website can be viewed at The CARP website has some great amateur radio related articles and an event calendar outlining CARP and other amateur radio events. If you have any articles or events you would like to see on the site, please email us at


CARP memberships run January to December and are due the beginning of each year.

Member Badges/Cards

As a paid member of CARP you will receive a CARP Member Badge that is designed to attach to a lanyard. The badge not only shows that you are a member of CARP, but also has the repeater access commands printed on the reverse.

2009 Board of Directors

President Rob Mavis AE6GE
Vice-President Steve Stoehr N6JXL
Treasurer LouAnn Dansby KD6WAW
Secretary Patrick May KI6QOH
  Laura Mavis KI6KRT
  David Dansby NI6M
  Ray Harkins KB6LQV

CARP Repeater System

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers repeater system consists of multiple sites. The high-level site is located east of Clovis near Mile High and the low-level site is located near downtown Clovis. The repeater system is open for the amateur community to use.

  • 147.675 – 141.3 K6ARP/R – Mile High
  • 224.380 – 141.3 N6JXL/R – Mile High
  • 444.725 + 141.3 K6ARP/R – Mile High
  • 440.350 + 141.3 NI6M/R – Downtown Clovis
  • IRLP Node: 8280
  • Echolink Node: 126433
  • Phone Patch

Contact CARP

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers

P.O. Box 514

Clovis, CA 93613